More Joy!

My heart is beyond full. 

A little over a year ago I bought my first typewriter at a thrift store. It was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Buying it was a wonderful moment and I have had so many more that spanned from it. I adore old or “vintage” things because giving something a new purpose is what I consider, one the most inspiring elements of life. Regardless, I love my typewriter. But life is made up of seasons and surprises. Now its time for a new one; this is my new typewriter. 

The Underwood typewriter is my favorite model and looks exactly like the one Anne Shirley had when she moved to New York to write. I have wanted this for years and imagined I would maybe get it years later because it is rare to find one that works or is affordable. But because life is strange and God is so cool, I found one that was both of those things.
God has been doing crazy things in my life. Very much recently, He has been giving me little hints and reminders  of how amazing and beautiful life can be. For instance, the typewriter situation. If I would’ve known last year that I would buy this typewriter now, I wouldn’t bought the first one. And if I hadn’t, all the memories and things I’ve written would not have existed. All the theraputic writing I performed on it that helped me process thoughts when stressed,  would not have helped in the way it did. 

Long story short, God doesn’t allow accidents in His plan. He is not thrown off or ever surprised. And nothing is coincidence. There may not be some deep, theological meaning for why I bought this typewriter, but I know one thing about it.

God has allowed it to bring me joy.

Joy makes me smile, smiling makes me happy. And happiness is a gift from God. If nothing else, this possession has reminded me how God, out father loves His children and so desires a relationship with us where we smile at His goodness. God is good and always will be.  

My heart is full and my smile is true. No matter what does this for you, thank God for allowing you to experience the joyful moments of life.

Life isn’t pretty, but it sure is beautiful.  

Fellow Adventurers,

Go find more joy!