New Beginnings: #Week30

Hello there! For those who have kept up with this you already know that I haven’t posted anything in 10 weeks. Which I feel absolutely terrible about. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to or had nothing to write about, it honestly just slipped my mind. On a positive note, I still was finding joy and the happy moments. I just didn’t document and focus on them as much I wanted to. So what better way to get back into this blog than on New Years Eve. We’re at week 30 now, so here’s a list of my highlights and some things I’ve learned of the last few months of this year.

  1. I was able to be involved with a wonderful production, Meet Me In St. Louis.  And had a great time working with the amazingly talented cast and crew.
  2. I’ve developed so many great friendships this year, new and old.
  3. I have learned more and more how much joy I find in writing. And hope to do plenty more of it this year.
  4. I’ve realized how important it is to appreciate the small things; family, relationships, and continuing to surround myself with positive things.
  5. I’ve learned that spontaneous road trips are the BEST type of road trips. Especially ones to DC and New York. (Even the person your surprising isn’t home and if one of your friends is puking on the ride.)
  6. You’re never too old to learn a new skill. Hobbies bring so much joy and life is meant to be enjoyed. Do what makes you happy!
  7. We need encouragement and to encourage others. Everyone is fighting a battle and we all need support.
  8. Prayer is critical. (And something I personally know I need to do more of.)
  9. Take every negative thing in your life and let it affect you in a positive way; Always try to have a teachable spirit. You’re going to make mistakes, but how you move forward from them is what will define you as a person. If we’re not growing, what are we doing?
  10. Be thankful all year long. Be thankful for friends, family, school, possessions, talents, laughter, memories, freedom, and most importantly, our faithful and merciful Savior who gave us a redeemed life to be thankful of.

Find every possible way to be happy this year. I dare you to try to annoy everyone with how happy and joyful you are. Make your smile contagious and your joy obnoxious. (In a good way! :p) I wish everyone the happiest new year and that when you look back at 2016, you’ll do nothing but smile. Let you joy be full and your heart be open. Be inspired and be someone’s inspiration. This part of the story has ended but have joy beginning a new chapter. Let your light shine and your smile be bright!

So with that;

Here’s to new beginnings, getting back to what’s important, good friends, amazing memories, all the memories to come, resolutions to be carried and the ones to be forgotten and as always, each beautiful, infinite moment.

Fellow Adventurers,

Here’s to Happy!