#Week17: Journals, Autumn, and Friends

Hello all! Here’s another week of writing and finding positivity. This week has been very fun and for some reason very beautiful compared to some others. Not that they weren’t great, but the week just had a lot of moments I felt I could touch on.

The first point is that I bought a journal where I decided I will document all my happy moments and thoughts. Whether its eating a donut or stargazing all night or anything…I write it down because I fear forgetting. I’ve come to the conclusion that that is why I write everything down and document every moment of my life that isn’t terrible. I have this obsession with memories and absolutely am terrified of forgetting. So in order to avoid that, I am trig to remember as much as possible about these precious beautiful moments of my life.

A second point is that its finally fall! I always wait all year long for my favorite season to arrive and thankfully it is hear, just as beautiful as anticipated. Yay for sweaters, scarfs, and the most beautiful colors and visuals nature gives off.

Another happy part of my week was simply just the times where I hung out with friends. They are some of the most precious things you have in your life, so cherish them while they’re here. I am blessed to have a good deal of friends who care about me and support the random annoying artistic things I do and attempt to stop me from the stupid things I do. All in all, I know I have crossed paths with these certain people for a reason and I hope to never take anyone in my life for granted.

This is a shorter post but I just felt like I didn’t need to go into extreme detail about these two things; they simply make me happy and that’s all that matters.

So here’s to a forever abundance of journal’s, crazy nights with friends, the beauty of a leaf changing, cherishing the life you live, and of course every beautiful moment.

Fellow Adventurers,

Here’s to Happy!


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I tell stories through the different mediums of art. I act, sing, write, paint...and I don't consideer myself great at any of these things. I consider myself a person who God has blessed with a passion for telling stories; so I just can't not.

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