#Week5: We Always Have The Moon

Happy Sunday,

This week has been a little crazy because my family has been settling into our new house and town. So, this week’s may be a little short, but regardless I write. This week I simply want to focus on the little things in life that made and continue to make me very happy.

The first thing is simply reading. I have bought many plays and books recently and its kind of like my heroine. The  more I buy and read the more I want. Luckily there’s this great website called thriftbooks.com that is an online thrift store for books where everything is very cheap and sometimes has no shipping. If not for the website I would be a very VERY broke and sad girl. But having the time to read is very soothing and also reminding me of how much I missed it.

The second thing that has made me happy this week is writing. Just like reading it allows me to release energy that cannot be held inside and soothes my spirit. Also just physically the act of writing, moving my hand to create words, is extremely relaxing to me. Sometimes I just copy pages from books because I need to write or do something with my hands. So writing random things this week has truly brought joy to my heart. I am always sparked to write by the simplest things.

A phone call with one of my dear friends sparked this short piece:


I find it fascinating that no matter where we are in life; emotionally, spiritually, physically or socially…this natural world will always be constant.

The seasons will always change and the grass will always be green. The sun will always rise oh so lovely and set elegantly. And the stars and moon will always illuminate the darkness. 

Look up.

Look at the moon.

I’m looking at it too. Surrounded by or covered with clouds.

No matter how far away or separated we are, it cannot affect the moon. Its all about perspective. You see, life is made up of moments, each one has the potential to be beautiful. Its us who decides if we’ll the see the beauty.

If you can look up at the moon, then you will never be alone. Because I will always admired how it illuminates the darkness.

You and me, we always have the moon.

So here’s to good books, soothing writing, good friends, new adventures, all the happy, and all the moments with the potential for beauty, and the amazing God who allows and desires us to experience joy.

Fellow Adventurers,

Here’s to Happy


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I tell stories through the different mediums of art. I act, sing, write, paint...and I don't consideer myself great at any of these things. I consider myself a person who God has blessed with a passion for telling stories; so I just can't not.

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