#52WeeksOfHappy: Week #2

Hi all!

So here’s week #2 of my journey to happiness. After I posted my first post, I was so excited for the next one that I was counting down the days till Sunday. This idea is already giving me a more positive look on life and appreciation for it. There are so many things that make me happy but this week I’m focusing on two specific ones.

The first one is my older brother Brandon. He spent a week in Tennessee for an internship he was doing and in the middle of the week he emailed me a beautiful thought and reflection. The email said this:

Random Thoughts From Church on Sunday
“Your love never fails

it never gives up
it never runs out me”

So I was singing this Sunday morning in church and the words are amazing. “never fails”, “never runs out (or away)”. The thing that stood out that I’ve never really caught was  the 2nd line.
“it never gives up”
I was just thinking about giving up and how easy it is for us as humans. Down by 20 at half and just saying well I hope we don’t get embarrassed. Things like that are so easy for us to throw in the towel and just give up.

BUT God says he will never give up. He has not, isn’t giving up, and won’t ever give up. This thought is absolutely unfathomable to me. I can  mess up a 1000 times and he won’t give up or stop chasing after me. God  is ALMIGHTY, ALL-POWERFUL, ALL-KNOWING, PERFECT, AND INDESCRIBABLE. He cannot be stopped and can stop anything. He knows what struggles I’m having before they can come on my radar. The fact that He out of anyone in the universe never ever in all eternity gives up is just a thought that is unbelievable to me. There is absolutely no way as a human I can even comprehend this reality. How can the God who created all of the universe care that much for me that He will pursue me and NEVER GIVE UP!! My mind immediately thinks in sports examples so I think about a race between two people. God will never stop running in relentless pursuit of me. No matter obstacles, distance, or opponents there is nothing that can stop Him. The thought of giving up is so easy and a natural thought for me when something gets hard. I can really make it hard I’m sure for God to keep chasing or searching me. His pursuit of me never ends, How is that even possible?? The only answer is that He is so great and awesome (which is a word that  is overused. The word actually means “inspiring great admiration”) that  He does things that we don’t understand because His love for us is PERFECT. We cannot understand these attributes because we have imperfect  human minds.

I am so thankful to be loved by such a great God. He WILL NOT ever give up on me. No matter the mess ups, no matter the mistakes, no matter the bad choices HE WILL NOT STOP PURSUING, CHASING, GIVE UP on me or anyone else.

For those of you who don’t know my brother he is a very talented athlete and just as competitive. As much as we annoy each other sometimes, he is someone I look up to and love very much. He also, no offense, is not a writer, so when I got this I was happily surprised to know he wrote something and shared it with me. And with his permission, I am glad to share it with you. And now this is the perfect segue to my next point of Happy:
God’s love.
A few days ago I couldn’t sleep and was just thinking and I came across the thought that God loves us so much. And that even though he knew who was going to follow him and who wouldn’t (Him being omniscient and all) He still died for every human being who will ever live. And despite our mistakes and flaws, wants to love us and wants us to be happy. These are facts and beliefs we, as Christians know, but sometimes I’m awestruck of how we will never come close to comprehending that. Like my brother said in his email about the song, His love will NEVER fail or give up on us. Even when we so easily give up on ourselves. God is amazing and that makes life pretty cool.
So these were the two points of Happy I wanted to focus on this week. Of course there are so many things that make me happy; music, awesome and crazy friendships (You know who you are) and the fact that in 2 days I will be in Long Island and seeing Mamma Mia (I know its a terrible show but the music is amazing and fun!) and some other great friends.
But for week #2, my Happy posts are:
1.) My awesome older brother
2.) God’s unconditional love
So 2 down, 48 more to go. Here’s to older brothers, an awesome God, crazy friends, fun trips, inspiring adventures and each beautiful moment.
Fellow Adventurers,
Here’s to Happy!

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I tell stories through the different mediums of art. I act, sing, write, paint...and I don't consideer myself great at any of these things. I consider myself a person who God has blessed with a passion for telling stories; so I just can't not.

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