Embrace Your Normal.

Before you started reading this you may have been confused by the title or image, maybe you missed the title at first. Or like myself, maybe this mesmerized you. Either way this image and title can be confusing and intriguing at the same time.

Let me take a second to tell you I want this post to make you think. Whatever you think is right. There is no wrong opinion to this image or blog. Because in the world we live in, there far to many “wrong opinions.”

An opinion isΒ a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Therefore, there can not be wrong or right opinions. Only closed-minded and open-minded. And either are perfectly fine, because they are yours. Who am I to tell you that your very own thought is wrong?!

I say all that to now explain what the image and title mean to me. What my opinion is. And my opinion is that sometimes the oddest things, the obscure, can be perfectly normal.

When you looked at this picture the first word that probably came to your head was “abstract.” But for me, when I first saw this I felt a peaceful sense of normality.

My imagination and thoughts have always been a little odd. Even as I become older I still see odd images in my head. Ones that I try desperately to put on a canvass, but just can’t make my hands create what’s in my head. So many stories I want to tell but am to impatient to type it all and wait for an audience to read it. I hear song lyrics all day long as if they were the birds chirping in the springtime. My head is full of the anticipation to create, but I haven’t the slightest idea of how to make or explain the things I see. Some call it creativity, or even a gift, but to me it’s almost a feeling of anxiety.

Imagine reading a book with ten different stories going on inΒ every page. Or listening to a song where each lyric is a different style or artist. That is how my thoughts feel to me sometimes. Now this is not a mental condition or something that causes living to be difficult, but it is a stress at times.

When your mind is constantly going 100 miles an hour, taking a deep breath is nearly impossible.

Now, I know I probably sound like I’m on drugs or schizophrenic even, but I explained all this to say: sometimes what may seem odd or obscure, is completely normal.

The thoughts that run through my head are completely normal to me. Even though they may seem insane to some. But even if you look at different cultures, their way of life is completely different than our own. In some countries girls are married around the age of 15. To us that is completely crazy. But to them, it’s normal. Thats only one example and I’m positive that there are many more. It just goes to show that normal is only normal to some. And to others, that case of normality is obscure.

So now that I said my thoughts, I’ll explain the image.

This image struck me because it captured how I see myself in my life. This man is not out place, he’s simply walking as he probably does everyday and the tree for the most part seems like an average tree. Then come the umbrellas. What I love about the umbrella’s is that they almost look like they belong. I also enjoy that the image is not simply black and white, but very much shades of grey.

So its almost normal except for the one element of absurdity, but it’s so similar to the other parts of the image that it seems like it belongs. And its not all black and white, it has a lot of grey areas. Its absurdly…normal.

In life, I feel (as well as many others do, I imagine) that for the most part, I belong. I do the normal stuff, live a pretty normal life, and then something goes wrong. Something is off. My brain does the 100 miles an hour thing, or I over analyze a situation and cause myself to hyperventilate based on my own thoughts. I notice something about myself that is not normal. And I feel like the umbrellas in this image.

But then, I remember something that I find pretty cool. There’s only one tree with umbrella’s in this image, all the others aren’t in the painting and they just have leaves. And leaves are great and beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not umbrellas.

So am I a little different? Sure. Am I mad about it? Not one bit. Do I embrace the fact that I am unique? Absolutely.

We all have been blessed by a Creator who creates us uniquely, with unique talents and for a unique purpose. It doesn’t mean we don’t fit or don’t belong, its just means we see and display a different type of normal. My normal just happens to be comparing myself to umbrella trees.

So embrace the normality of being obscure. You are uniquely made. And being unique is the type of normal I like best.

Fellow Adventurers,

Embrace YOUR normal.