Chill vibes…

Hello, fellow adventurers!

So it’s been a little over a week of Christmas break and as usual do during this time, I am doing nothing productive. I have been rocking the flannel and sweatpants look for a few days. And probably spent more than enough hours on netflix while discovering countless amounts of new artists on spotify.

As you can probably tell my life is extremely exciting. And I don’t have a lot of intriguing and obscure thoughts in my mind. So I just decided to come up with a list of fifteen songs I love and usually just sit back and relax listening to. So this is for the person who just wants to chill and get some mellow vibes this Christmas break. So enjoy! And feel free to comment with artists you feel passionate about.

Chill Vibes Playlist:
1.”Open Book” ELizabeth & the Catapult
2.”A Kiss Goodbye” Emile Haynie
3.”Broken Over You” Grace Mitchell
4.”Painting Roses” Dresses
5.”Escape Artist” The Zolas
6.”Puzzle Pieces” Saint Motel
7.”Real” Years & Years
8.”Dark Parts” Perfume Genius
9.”Somewhere Else Tonight” Mansions On The Moon
10.”Coffee” Sylvan Esso
11.”Arcadia” The Kite String Tangle
12.”Manhattan” Sara Bareilles
13.”My Favourite Faded Fantasy” Damien Rice
14.”Mister Chameleon” KING
15.”Severed Crossed Fingers” St. Vincent

I could’ve written pages and pages of songs I love, but I did my best and limited it to the fifteen. So sorry this post is boring but I never want to say anything unless its meaningful, so here’s some meaningful music.

Until next time…

Stay Adventurous My Friends!


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I tell stories through the different mediums of art. I act, sing, write, paint...and I don't consideer myself great at any of these things. I consider myself a person who God has blessed with a passion for telling stories; so I just can't not.

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