Adventure Is Out There!!!

Well 2014 is finally kicking the bucket. Its New Year’s Eve.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for. An amazing family, great friends and the blessing of making many mistakes. The biggest thing I have learned this year is that making mistakes is a natural part of life and we can’t escape that. All we do is learn from them and try our best not to make the same one twice. But they in truth shape us into the people we are meant to be.

After looking back at the past year I learned a few things.

1. College is a lot more work than I expected it to be.

2. People change and thats okay.

3. Bills are an actual thing, and they suck.

4. $20 is nothing but a lot of money at the same time.

5. I can play guitar…?

6. Bread makes you fat. (BREAD MAKES YOU FAT?)

7. Music is a never ending adventure that I will always want to explore.

8. +10 for Friendship.

9. There are A LOT of tolls in New York.

10. God is faithful in the midst of our chaos.

So on the lines of New Years Resolutions I don’t have anything incredibly drastic or almost unachievable. My goal for the next year is six simple words:

To be happy and to live.

All my life I have been told what to do in order to live successfully, Get good grades in high school so you can go to a good college. And while at college get a good degree so you can get a good job someday. And with that job support your family.

Well, I’m a theatre major so grades or degree doesn’t really matter and I am not planning on having a family anytime soon. So yes, I want to be successful in my craft, but not for money or fame. I want to be successful because I have pride in what I do. But the main things I want to do with my life is to live and enjoy life. To be happy with where I am and what I’m doing. Why are we never told that, live and experience life. Because if you can’t enjoy life as it is, how will you enjoy it in the midst of a job and family?

So with the year closing I am acknowledging the fact that I am and never will be perfect. I can be overbearing at times, I love the arts a lot and talk about them A LOT. And I have a passion inside me for living and I’m ready to focus on that instead a pleasing people. For the first time in my life I like the person I am becoming and I am excited to see where the fire in her eyes takes her.

And just as Ellie from Pixar’s “UP” said so eloquently…


So here’s to 2015, and all the adventures that are going to happen. May they be just as exhilarating and inspiring as they should be. My hope for you is that you enjoy living life. Because it is a glorious thing.

To my Fellow Adventurers,

See you next year!


Chill vibes…

Hello, fellow adventurers!

So it’s been a little over a week of Christmas break and as usual do during this time, I am doing nothing productive. I have been rocking the flannel and sweatpants look for a few days. And probably spent more than enough hours on netflix while discovering countless amounts of new artists on spotify.

As you can probably tell my life is extremely exciting. And I don’t have a lot of intriguing and obscure thoughts in my mind. So I just decided to come up with a list of fifteen songs I love and usually just sit back and relax listening to. So this is for the person who just wants to chill and get some mellow vibes this Christmas break. So enjoy! And feel free to comment with artists you feel passionate about.

Chill Vibes Playlist:
1.”Open Book” ELizabeth & the Catapult
2.”A Kiss Goodbye” Emile Haynie
3.”Broken Over You” Grace Mitchell
4.”Painting Roses” Dresses
5.”Escape Artist” The Zolas
6.”Puzzle Pieces” Saint Motel
7.”Real” Years & Years
8.”Dark Parts” Perfume Genius
9.”Somewhere Else Tonight” Mansions On The Moon
10.”Coffee” Sylvan Esso
11.”Arcadia” The Kite String Tangle
12.”Manhattan” Sara Bareilles
13.”My Favourite Faded Fantasy” Damien Rice
14.”Mister Chameleon” KING
15.”Severed Crossed Fingers” St. Vincent

I could’ve written pages and pages of songs I love, but I did my best and limited it to the fifteen. So sorry this post is boring but I never want to say anything unless its meaningful, so here’s some meaningful music.

Until next time…

Stay Adventurous My Friends!

One beat of a Heart Machine broken in two…

Alex Haber

We file into the car, a parade of trajectories.
You are already there, facing inward.
You do not turn hide or turn away but face us.
An object lesson in sadness.
I get off.
Imagine you enter a quiet theater already darkened in anticipation and you hear the sound so often drowned out by our daily rush of movement.
The tick of your watch surges in your ears and you’re surprised to find it is exactly time with that of your neighbor.
To have set them at precisely the same instant, with all the instances to have chosen from.
Applause rises from the crowd or an image appears on the screen and you can no longer hear time pass.
Weeks later I step onto the car; Eyes swollen and wet.
You are already there and I sit in the empty seat beside you.
Don’t think I don’t notice your fleeting glances towards my downturned face.
Your inquisitive and pitying eyes.
One backward glance as you rise.
And in that moment before the engine revs. In that silence before the crowd moves to the door, I hear the ticking of my watch. And yours, a quarter second later.
One beat of a Heart Machine broken in two.
And as your foot reaches the ground, the doors close.

This piece was featured in the film The Heart Machine.


The movie was a romantic thriller and directed by Zachary Wigon. Its starred John Gallagher Jr. and Kate Lyn Sheil. The film closed with this poem. I won’t spoil the ending or give you a speculated review, because it is not my desire t convince you of the film’s value. This poem uses the idea of the ticking of a watch as a personified object in which we can hear the passing of time. And thus I want to pose a thought:

Is it possible to hear time pass? To listen to the coming and going of the weeks and months and years? Is it possible to simply listen to life? I don’t mean the cars and sirens and daily conversations we overhear on the street. But the sound of the leaves changing. The noise of the grieving mother. The music of young love overcoming adversity. And the volume of the broken finally being healed.

Can we hear the resonance of life? I feel we can. Maybe we hear it unconsciously, but we can.

The word euphony means the quality of being pleasing to the ear, esp. through a harmonious combination of words. It doesn’t say a certain instrument or note…it states what is pleasing to the ear. Our life is our own perception of euphonic chaos. The chaos and moments that are pleasing to the ear not matter the sound or season. How often do we go through life and hear the sounds but refuse to listen to the music.


I encourage you next time you’re in a subway car filled with strangers, next time you walk ten blocks because you missed your ride, next time life feels like it’s weighing you down. Stop and just listen to the passing of time. Listen to ticking of your watch and your neighbor’s. And as Alex Haber stated so eloquently, listen to the split beats of the heart machines around you.

Don’t let life speed by you. But listen to the passing of time. Enjoy the ride, until you hit Seneca.

Don’t stop listening until you get to your stop.

Dancing in Puddles and Splashing through Storms.

Why is it that rain is associated with sadness and sunshine with happiness? Think about it.

Where is it stated that those forms of weather tie into those emotions?

It doesn’t.

Rain is water falling from clouds. Well, the exact definition is, moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops. Pretty simple, right? So where is the depressing part in that definition? Or the emotions, for that matter? The definition of sunshine is, direct sunlight unbroken by cloud, especially over a comparatively large area. Where’s the happiness in that definition? There is none. In either.The only logical reason these forms of weather have the meaning they do, is because of how easily our minds make assumptions without realizing it. Or connect things that have no correlation to each other. We are more oblivious than we know. It’s the same way we refuse to eat something and say we don’t like it, even though we have never tried it. Its all mental, without any real reason as to why.

Whether a storm at sea or gentle garden drizzle, rain is still just water. And sunshine is just rays from the sun. It can make the flowers grow and cause the painful sensation known as sunburn, remember? Weather is not tied to feeling or emotion. It has not intention whatsoever. There’s no giant epiphany or underlying meaning to it.

It just happens.

So why do we assume that rain is depressing? Why do we use the phrase, “A gloomy, rainy day.” I’m not sure, it’s just a mind trick we play on ourselves. But I, for one, hopelessly love rain.

Rain gives me the feeling of cleansing. That’s why I love to sit outside whenever it comes pouring down. The feeling of the water droplets hitting bare skin gives the impression that my everyday faults and disappointments are falling away. Poetic, I know. But in all seriousness, it’s a beautiful feeling.

I encourage you to try it one day, if you haven’t already. Just put some clothing you don’t mind getting wet in, sit somewhere you feel comfortable, and let the rain clear your head and soul. Or dance like no one else is around. Splash in the puddles your mom always told you not to. Do whatever you choose. Rain has no way to judge you. It’s a glorious type of mind therapy. Rain itself is just a beautiful sight in general. It is looked at as such a depressing image when it is strangely calming. It’s a peaceful state of melancholia. And I’ve always had a fascination with it.


A favorite artist of mine, Loui Jover, once said:

“The sound of rain is like all the voices whispering from all the souls that have gone before, and one day we know we shall all join in this song.”

This quote is a favorite of mine, because the sound of rain is a song we all join in and dance to. In our own unique way.

(This quote is portrayed in a video of some of his artwork with the theme of rain. You can find the video in the link below. Beautiful artwork and the music of Phillip Glass makes it hauntingly stimulating.)        

rain image                            

Rain is beautiful, not sad or happy. It’s just…rain. And thats all it has to be. Its kind of funny how relatable the simplest things we encounter, are.

Rain is just water falling from the sky. And we are just the people who dance in it.

Whether rain or shine, we all just exist. And existing, is something to dance about.