Confessions of a Verbivore

Have you ever just thought about words? How amazing the sound of them falling off your lips is? Simple words like “lovely” or more grand words such as “intriguing.” Whether long and intricate or simple and inspiring, words are extraordinary.

I consider myself a verbivore. The definition of this word is: One who has an enjoyment of words and wordplay.

Words such as:

Scripturient: having a consuming passion to write.

Resfeber: the restless race of the traveller’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together. A ‘travel fever’ that can manifest as an illness.

Petrichor: the scent of rain on dry earth.


Pluviophile: a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.


Offing: the deep, distant, stretch of the of the ocean that is still visible from the land; the foreseeable future.

Nyctophilia: love of darkness; finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness.


Aren’t those just thrilling!? There’s many more but I could write all day about words or sequences of them that excite me. The way words flow and fit together is amazing. Or how words can impose certain meanings on others by the position.

Take Robert Frost’s poem Stopping By The Woods On a Snowy Evening. Here Frost, through words, paints a picture of how beautiful a night in the winter is. And how mysteriously quiet it is. So you have this lovely view of silence.

Now take Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, The City and The Sea. Here Poe is personifying death as “a proud tower near the sea.” And how the lack of wind, the silence, proves that death is near and comes to all of us.

See how the context and use of words changes how we think of the word “silence.” Peace and Death. But used for the same word.

This is why I am obsessed with words and can never get enough of them. They have so much power and infinite uses. They live on paper and act through speech. And they leave me breathless every time.

And they are one of the few things that will always exist and can never be taken from me.

They are mine and always will be my not-so-secret obsession.


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I tell stories through the different mediums of art. I act, sing, write, paint...and I don't consideer myself great at any of these things. I consider myself a person who God has blessed with a passion for telling stories; so I just can't not.

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